TED Talks in your Language

Surely all of you have come across a video of TED conference talk. Topics are no longer restricted to technology, media and design but have been extended to include talks about world affairs, psychology, culture, science, art and sports, to name but a few.

Most of the talks are held in English. However, behind the scenes, a large group of translators provides translations of many talks in numerous languages, making them accessible to a much wider audience.
Here’s how you can access a talk in your language:


The translators are continuously working on subtitles. For individual talks, this option can be selected as follows:


You don’t necessarily have to watch the talks. They are often available as transcripts, which, of course, are also provided in other languages. This talk, for instance, for which many subtitles and transcripts are available, shows the great work the translators are doing.

You can find all talks with subtitles and transcripts in your language via the search function. For example, there are currently 1699 German talks available.
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