Our philosophy

Translation and localisation into all the world's languages: Flowcalize champions a transparent translation process, professional management, competent contact staff and fair prices.

Make the world speak your language.

What does our Flowcalize TMS offer?

Professional technical translations

Flowcalize uses only qualified mother-tongue translators. The translation process is supported by experienced management professionals.

Translation Memory

Our intelligent translation memory allows phrases that have already been translated to be re-used right down to the level of individual words. In this way, our system automatically identifies which paragraphs or words have not yet been translated. This makes the translation process quicker, reduces costs and keeps your texts consistent.

Streamlined communication

Flowcalize provides all participants with instant access to the translation workflow. This ensures transparency and streamlines communication. In this way, we are able to respond to your queries and change requests very quickly and easily.

Transparent process

Flowcalize documents work progress in real time, providing you with an insight into the translation process. At any time an overview of the status of the project is just a click away.

Collaborative Translation

Teamwork is made easy with Flowcalize: Use several translators simultaneously for larger projects.

Formats & Interfaces

Flowcalize supports a wide range of relevant file formats. Furthermore, we are more than happy to give you access to our Flowcalize-API so that you can integrate it directly into your development process.

Our services in detail

  • Translation
    atever your requirements, whether marketing material, documentation, training materials, contracts, websites or private correspondence, we can put together the best translation team. Flowcalize works exclusively with qualified translators and native speakers who meet the highest quality standards.
  • Localisation
    r competency for software developers: we translate the user interface and all the documentation for your software product or app into other languages. In this way, we make your project ready for international markets.

    By using our API you can integrate Flowcalize into your development process at no additional cost. As a consequence of our directly integrated expertise, release cycles in different language versions can be greatly accelerated.
  • Terminology Management
    you have terminology specifications or your own technical vocabulary? Flowcalize factors in your language preferences, supporting compliance with them. We will happily provide you with further advice and make our systematic terminology management knowledge available to you.
  • Collaborative Translation
    well as supporting traditional translation approaches, it is also possible to use Flowcalize to manage open and shared translation processes. Let several translators work on your translation simultaneously for larger projects.

    Alternatively you can let your texts be translated by your community (Crowdsourcing). We will happily take care of the logistics.
  • Language and Translation Advice
    en before your translation project has started, you will benefit from personal, friendly and competent advice at Flowcalize. We are more than happy to provide the necessary support to ensure that your translation and terminology management processes are as hassle-free as possible.

Any questions?
We are here to help.

Find out just how efficient and cost-effective professional translation can be. We look forward to hearing from you:

Prices – your translation can be affordable

  • We offer a fixed price per word for each language pair (e.g. from English to German)
  • Thanks to our translation memory, only changes to the text are translated and invoiced in subsequent orders.
  • Cost controls and transparency: the price of your translation order remains fixed from the start.
  • Expert advice and professional project management via our online platform are included in the price.
  • There are no set-up or subscription fees.
  • There are no contractual obligations.
  • Request a non-binding offer now.

File Formats & Standards

Not only does Flowcalize speak lots of languages, it also supports a wide variety of formats. This makes collaboration and inclusion in your development process very straightforward.

Developer Environments, Programming Languages, and Frameworks
  • Microsoft .NET .resx
  • Java .properties
  • GNU GetText .po .pot
  • Flex .properties
  • Ruby on Rails & YAML .yml
  • Qt .ts
  • DKLang .dklang .lng
  • XUL .dtd
  • Google Chrome extension .json
  • Windows 8 (Metro) .resw .resjson
Mobile OS and other file types
  • Android .xml
  • iOS .strings
  • Blackberry .rrc
  • Symbian resource files
  • Windows Phone 7 .resx
  • Bada .xml
  • Firefox OS resource files
  • YouTube subtitles .sbv
  • SubRip .rt
  • NSIS Installer .nsh
  • WiX Installer .wxi
  • For all additional requirements, we can enable bespoke interfaces.

* A translation of this file type cannot take place directly in Flowcalize TMS but for technical reasons can be processed through SDL Trados.


Absolutely. Without exception, all our translations are created by native speakers of the target language. In our experience, native speakers will make allowances for texts translated by non-natives; however, the quality of the work can leave a negative impression (less trustworthy, less professional). That is why this quality attribute is particularly important to us.
Our translators will quickly become experts in your topics. Wherever possible, we will therefore try to assign your projects to the same translator every time you order.
The length of time needed to complete a translation generally depends on two factors the number of words to translate and the complexity of the text. Once you have sent us your texts for translation, we will analyse and review the content and supply you with a precise delivery date. If time is short and you require the translation urgently or on a particular date in the near future, we can use several translators to work on your project simultaneously to get your project delivered to you in time.
No. Our work is not limited to any particular area of specialisation.
You will retain all rights to the translated texts.
Absolutely. Any terminology you provide will be integrated into the TMS, which means that translators will be offered your terminology at all relevant points during the translation process. This will ensure that your terminology will be used at all times.
There are many translation providers who base their business on short-term relationships with translators. We, on the other hand, want to deliver the best possible translation result. We can only do that if our translators become experts for your topics and texts. We work to maintain long-term relationships with you our customer and our translators. Many of our translators have been with us for many years. This kind of professional relationship with highly qualified individuals, who are able to deliver superior quality, must be based on adequate remuneration.
Request a non-binding offer.

Highlights on our Blog

Our management team

Based in Aachen, close to the three-country borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and with fast transport links to Paris and London, we live and work in the heart of Europe. Together we are able to draw on many years of experience. The Flowcalize team will deal with the translation of your documents and the localisation of your software with expertise and dedication. We look forward to responding to your no-obligation enquiry!

Ulrich Schneider

Managing Director

responsible for the implementation of and compliance with our quality standards.
Markus Kaußen

Localisation Manager

is your first point of contact and will support you through the whole project.
Oliver Stöber

Localisation Manager

takes care of the interface between your texts and our translation tools.
Nadine Herding

Technical Editor and Translator

takes care of terminology management as well as translating.
Dirk Meyer

Technical Editor

is an expert at formulating short texts that contain all the important information (and only that).
Our Translators

Our high quality translators are responsible for ensuring that your text is always correctly understood and that your terminology specifications are complied with.


Contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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